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Training with limitations

Will this really work for me?
I have a bad (shoulder, knee, back etc.).
I'm too old.
What sorts of limitations do your students have?

I'm too old.

Perhaps - but perhaps not. An attacker won't give you a choice, so we'll give you the means to defend yourself while working within your limitations. You may find that you can do the majority of the techniques, but that some may need to be modified or perhaps avoided because they are outside your limitations. Please discuss your specific concerns with a medical professional before coming in; we can then work around the limitations.

The gentleman on the right began training with us at the age of 78. He was promoted to sankyu before becoming too busy to train. He also continued to fly, having been a bombardier in WWII. The gentleman on the left was 64 when he began, and was promoted to nikkyu before moving out of the area and also being very busy! Both were excellent students, and trained with us exactly as have all our other students.