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Excellent Japanese Ju-Jitsu training
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After this student had been training with us for a little while, he posted this review: "Excellent Japanese Ju-Jitsu training. The school complements reality-based self defense techniques with a solid blend of judo throws and traditional jujutsu. I highly recommend any serious students of the jujutsu derivatives (Judo, Aikido, BJJ, Taijutsu, etc.) check it out."

Earlier, after his trial class, he had written to say thanks, and "knife and gun defense on day one...awesome! Judging from the techniques from your website and class this morning, the system at Ju-Jitsu Dojo of Columbia is exactly what I am looking for in training, on the spectrum of jujutsu arts, and I am excited about continuing my training in the arts with you all. It is self-defense based ju-jitsu that acknowledges its Budo roots. Those type of schools are becoming increasingly hard to find."

This student came to us with a background in Aikido, Brazilian ju-jitsu, and Krav Maga.